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Hey guys, Been going through a lot and finally got my life sorta in order and getting back into the audio world...

I noticed that for some reason I cannot post in the classifieds tho? do you have to be a upgraded member to do that now? I was just wanting to post up a ISO/WTB add but cant seem to do it...

Not sure if its because ive been off here for so long or of something changed.

Any help is appreciated, I was a valued member for the time I was active.


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This issue is almost always fixed by the user logging-out of their account, and then logging back in... and waiting about an hour for the server to catch-up (often quicker).

We implemented a 10 day / 10 post minimum for new users to be able to post in the Classifieds, and if you haven't used your account for some time, then you need to do a reset by logging out / back in.

In this case, I reset your account.
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