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Has anyone had the please to listen to this version of the Scan 12m. It is the midrange used in the Sonus Faber Cremona Center M.

120 mm cone driver with Symmetric Drive Motor System and selected black wood fiber cone,high resolution,treated for break-up control.
Dynamic linear suspension,neodymium magnet system.Designet synergistically whith its vented acoustic chamber.
Sonus faber exclusive

I've talked with a few people from across the pond and they all have said basicly the same thing. Here is an email i recieved from the one guy that has access to the drivers and deals in Scan Speak also, as you have to own a set of the Sonus Faber towers and have a serial number to buy replace driver. I was asking about them because I saw them in a picture he sent me of some other drivers he hand so I asked what they were, becuase to looked like the Scan 12m's in the picture. He email me back and told me what they were. So I asked his thoughts on the them compared to the Scan 12m and 15w.

Hi there, its Cremona Center M. Elipsa and Cremona M uses the same cone but its based on 15w. I have all Sonus Faber midranges(15m -elipsa, Cremona m, 15w Auditor Elipsa, and 12m Cremona Center) the driver you are inquiring about is identical to 12m (same magnet,frame ,voice coil former,and VC height) different is only cone material. However they are different drivers- and if sound is subjective opinion, measurements prove that this driver have much lover 2nd harmonic(up to 15db(!) down in 4.2khz comparing to stock) due to the stiffer cone , much flatter FR and better efficiency by 0.7db(due not only stiffer but also lighter cone).

Subjectively its just have better transparency, liveness and resolution especially in females vocals and Sax. Sonus Faber knows what they are doing and they move in the right direction. The 12m Sonus Faber M is better in overall transparency, resolution and liveness and sometimes for things which is better by 10% cost 100% more. Thats reality in high end audio. Its for you to decide :).

Their new tweeter from M series is also something not everyday picture- 480hz response with only 12ohm peak , Scan Speak 7000 has the same FS but impedance is doubled. in the real world thats really matter on xover implementation and SF tweeter sound much smoother with 1st order serial filter.

Here is his thoughts on the Scan 15w:

The stock 15w is problematic in 600-800hz area, and peak in 1khz its always nightmare to let stock 15w go to 4khz, unless of using BSC coil to eat that peak but again then other problems occurs. I like 12m or 18w from sliced paper. 15w has great higher bass ,its best driver for small monitors. Sonus Faber 15w has much less problems, but we nothing get for free- due stiffer cone few cone break ups(not harsh ringing like metal domes but still) occurs at 6-8khz. that mean no 1st order if xover higher than 3-4khz. Sonus Faber using it with 1st order, I would use at least 2nd.
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