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Sound Deadener Showdown has closed its doors

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I’ve been trying to get ahold for of Don from SDS to no avail and noticed today that his website was “down for maintenance”.

Well Don finally emailed me back:


I've retired and SDS will not be selling any more materials. Sorry. I'll refund your payment.”

Looks like the provider of the best CLD tiles out there has gone out of business.
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I lust put an order in on Saturday. Damnit
I sure hope he sent out my order before he closed up

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I would not personally use Second Skin Audio's Damplifier Pro. The product itself has nothing wrong with it, its just that there are better products out there based on my testing for the same cost. It performs around the same level as Dynamat Xtreme in my testing, and holds up to heat fine.[/QUOTE]

I use second skin but i buy the b stock works great for me and they always have some
Not good news. I need to order Velcro. Anyone know what Velcro he was selling?
I ordered some from sds Saturday. Not sure if it will come or not but i ordered extra if it shows i can send you some

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This is not even close to the velcro he sells. I cant for the life of me find it anywhere besides his store.

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Well when you find it tell me becsuse i need some ?
So I've not ordered any in a while, but notice a lack of SecondSkin Damplifier Pro recommendations. Has something changed? I used SDS tiles on one car and went back to the Damp Pro, just seemed like a better quality product.
how they treat potential customers was a major turn off for me and many others
For second skin? Damn theyve always been awesome for me. Maybe its like me and hybrid audio. I wont use hybrid purely becsuse they were assholes on the phone to me. But a lot of other people like them
I sent an email about my prder i placed and still havent heard back yet
Well i made my order Friday or Saturday. And i just got it in right now so he is shipping out final orders
I am going to try out some Silencer 3-in-1 soon to see how it stacks up.

*get it, stacks*
What is this? Ive never heard of it

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I'll give you one guess where you can find it.
(Rolls eyes)

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I was trying to figure out the same thing. Here is a older screenshot saying what type of Velcro works.

I found the same stuff here-

I ordered it, but haven't tried it yet
RRWWS: So how did that Velcro compare?
I ordered the resonix velcro from nick. And its just as strong as thr SDS stuff
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i probably shouldnt be saying this for one reason or the other but whatever.. but its the exact same stuff that SDS sold.
I figured that but some people wouldn't be able to get that through their head.

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