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2015 S60 T6
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Good afternoon guys, haven't been on a dedicated forum for DIY audio, but have been a regular on radar detector/car dedicated forums. Thought i'd come here as I do dabble.

First install in 2019: 2016 VW GTI 2 door with upgraded turbo, catless 4" downpipe and corsa catback, usually ran with no backseat. Upgraded all the mounts, and also had a 10" stealth sub in the trunk. got noico black 80 mil all over underneath the rear seats. I like to think this helped somewhat lol. I also ran European underbody panels that weren't standard to decrease wind noise, road noise, increase high speed stability and gas mileage.

Sold that to Driveway as they gave me almost as much as I purchased that for.

Current project: 2015 VW TDI SEL 4 door. Seems pretty loud on the inside in comparison, as my gti was a 2 door with no sunroof. Apple watch said it was around 65 DB on the highway around 80. GTI was around 60 when I put it back to stock before selling while having the noico.

I am looking at Resonix CLD as it seems to have good reviews, just not sure what pattern to apply it, it will be going in the trunk as well as under the backseats this time. I haven't found that post yet lol. Just that it should go in the middle of every flat panel. Anyone have some literature for a noob?
Middle of every flat panel at a minimum. I just did a bunch of sound deadening and went with pretty much 100% coverage for the CLD, mostly because it was faster than cutting out a bunch of squares. YMMV.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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