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I bought a bunch of dynamat and luxury liner pro with the intention of fully sound proofing my car. I just finished removing the interior, but there is a ton of stuff going on under the carpets.

1. There are a bunch of cable brackets that I would need to cut around
2. There is a lot of shape to the floor panels and the center tunnel, so I don't see how I'd be able to get the MLV to lie flat
3. There is factory sound deadening that is painted over. I assume I would severely compromise the paint by removing it?
4. The carpet actually has a dense foam layer fused to it that seems to be injection molded to fit the exact floor

With all of this, I can't see any way I can realistically install the MLV under this carpet, and definitely not without lots of gaps where sound could get through. Am I just SOL here on the way this car was made? I suppose I could just lay some dynamat down since I'm in here anyway and throw in the towel :(

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