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sound proccesor

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im looking to buy a sound processor.
I already have a rockford 3.sixty.1 (2nd one already) and this one stoped properly working too... (the bluetooth thingy, although is started sound bad too), and i cant replace it anymore. System sounds like **** now. i want something for no more than 400$.

I am not a audiophile yet, but i like my music. :D i have components 6.5 kappas in the front (and kappa's in the back). 750.4 kicker amp. no sub at the time.

please help me out. anything is good (that's good). would love some feed back.
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What are you trying to accomplish? What do you want this processor to do.
ok i have a factory radio that im no willing to part with (because the kits itself cost about 300$, and i like factory look) so i want some sound processing because the factory head unit (bose) still in place, and not being too great of a piece.
i want time alignment ( although im a complete noob, and im yet to hear a setup with time alignment). also not too hard to adjust. and all the other goodies like equalizer.
hm... any suggestions?
its a 06 mazdaspeed6
there has to be a cheaper solution to being able to run a head unit.

Otherwise alpine has a unit similar to that RF unit. The H650
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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