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Hey all, I recently had a very well respected car audio place in town here install the Pioneer 4400nex in my 2003 trailblazer ltz with the bose sound system.

Now, they say they're going to take care of fixing it, but I would like to try and figure out what's going on incase they try to sell me something I do not need.

So, when I am sitting, engine off, key turned on, the stereo works great, sound comes through, head unit on. If I start driving, it will play for a few seconds to a few minutes, then the sound cuts out, and the head unit stays on, the song continues playing, but I can hear nothing.

It happens on radio, aux, carplay... All sound sources. Now, when I stop, turn off the engine, but the ignition stays on, the sound kicks back on immediately. There is a squealing noise while the stereo turns on, not a huge deal, kind of annoying but not a deal breaker. Any clues?

The shop said it could be a few things, but obviously wouldn't guarantee which was the source of the problem, as they haven't looked at it in detail yet. They said it could be the GM class II data bus, head unit, or "more likely your amplifier." I think they might just be trying to sell me an amp, and know what the problem is.
My sound system is entirely stock trailblazer ltz bose sound system, except for the head unit. That is the only thing that changed.

I would appreciate any and all input as to what could be causing this, so I can hopefully tell if they're scamming me or if they actually found a problem with my amp.
Please speak to me as if I am a child, I know very little about car audio, however I am willing to learn.


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