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Ok I've been playing around with WinISD pro (free and awesome program - I like it better than bassbox pro 6) and I'm modeling a fullrange $10 HiVi B3S in a 5L vented enclosure tuned to 70hz. Here’s what I came up with.

Raw modeled response:

After highpass @ 55hz and EQ work at 150hz:

Here’s the excursion at 15watts:

So, according to WinISD this speaker would have flat response down to around 65hz while staying within its capabilities of 3mm xmax at 15 watts. I know it won't be that loud (WinISP says 93 [email protected]), but could be good for computer speakers.

I have a few questions.
Will the SQ suffer when you model something with peaks and eq it down vs. true flat response?

How accurate is this software? can I expect the real speaker to be anything like this modeled response?

Anyone see any flaws in this design?

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