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stuff in green is the important stuff, other stuff is just me venting

feels righteous to go with oldschool audio control but, it just doesn't have the features of the new DSP's??...

looking to go with an oldschool 4xs (maybe 6xs) with oldschool eqt's, then a 10 band parametric eq on my cowon D2 personal mp3 player (global, not individual channels) me pretty much everything except PHASE. how important is PHASE? and say if my mp3 player is boosting midbass feq, does such boost make it to my subs IF the 4xs is lowpassing around 80 hertz? (the cowon is fed to a sony c910, then to the eqts, then to the 4xs xover, then to the amp)? the cowon EQ alone can make the little stock speakers in a 1999 toyota corolla sounds decent at low volume!! maybe a testiment to a good DSP in car audio?

possible 3 or 4 years ago (before zapco's dspz8, arc audio's ps8, and others) looked for and found the oldschool alto mobile ucs pro processor. have said it a number of times on diymobile, the processor was way ahead of it's time, considering it still can maybe compete with the stuff today given it came out in the 90's????????

remember asking diymobile for help with building a system with quality gear made in USA (oldschool or newschool). it seemed like the help never really came. understand car audio is tough and getting a system to sound world class is pretty hard? just seems like to me, if you had quality stuff and a good DSP with many features, you could adjust to have a good system??
simple (grab a couple of NIB Zed ESX amps (a mono or two channel for your fi/morel/aa/jl/Image Dynamics subs..........a 2 channel for you midbass.....a 4 channel for your mids and highs), maybe an oldschool sony HU , then the DSP? SYSTEM OVER WITH........

back to the topic. will the 4xs/EQT's/be enough for some good sound given 2 subs/2 midbass/ 2 mids/ 2 highs???
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