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speaker recomendations for pillars

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i want to do a pillar set up because were my door speakers are they are covered up well with me in it and i get a strong right hand pull with the sound. would like to run a small driver and a tweet with maybe my DDlt's in the doors (custom panels). i was wondering what would be some drivers to try in this set up. would like 2"-3" but i might be able to do a 4" if i must to get it to work. it would be a SQL more towards SQ though.and a smallish tweeter. i dont want outrageous but around 20-30 dollars a driver.


in a 05 silverado ext
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Just noticed that no one replied to ya yet. I'm working on the same deal in my '99 Silverado. I'm going to attempt a 3"-3.5"/1" combo in the A-pillars and either 8" midbasses or a pair of 6.5" in each door.

If you do some searching on here, you'll find TONS of info on this exact type of setup. Be sure to check out the driver shoot out threads. You can also check out Zaph Audio. One thing I've learned is you just have to do the research and decide what's best for YOU.

I have Vifa D26NC and BC25 tweets and just ordered a set of Peerless 830986 and Vifa TC9's. I'm gonna test different combos and see if I like any of em. Hopefully I will. If not, it's time to buy more speakers and keep trying!

Good luck!
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