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Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if I could have your advice on upgrading my car speakers (and possibly an amplifier + DSP) for a hidden installation into a Jensen Interceptor.

At the moment, I have a set of early 1990’s Canton 2 ways in the front (being two, 2 inch tweeters, and four, 4” woofers) which is severely lacking in midbass, and a set of Nakamichi SP400 3-way speakers in the rear parcel shelf.

I’m part way through a hidden fitting a Pioneer TS-WX70da subwoofer in the boot which really helps to add sub-bass and gives a great "surround” effect in the cabin, but it also actually highlights the midbass "hole" in the car.

I’m thinking about replacing the Canton front 2 way speakers with a set of new 2 way speakers, but I’m limited in fitting a 5½ inch woofer up front, and up to a 2½ tweeter, and removing the rear speakers from the parcel shelf, and placing a pair of coaxial speakers in the panel near the rear seats.

I was initially thinking of installing the Focal ES 130K (5 inch) 2 way speakers up front, and a set of Focal EC165K (6.5 inch) 2 way Coaxial speakers at the rear, but I’m concerned that the rear speakers being 6.5 inch may overpower the fronts – should I also try and keep the rear coaxial speakers 5 inch as well (which, I don’t think that Focal make in their ES line)?

Then I read about CDT speakers, and they seem to have really good reviews on the ‘net. I was thinking of their ES line, and their ES-5 5.25 inch woofer, and their Unity 8 @ inch mid/tweeter driver up front, and their ES5-EX1 Coaxial speaker at the rears.

I was wondering if CDT also make the above speakers in 2 ohm (I don’t think that their 5.25 inch woofers are in 2 ohm), which would result more watts and a louder speaker (I could save a bit on a lowered powered amplifier/DSP unit).

Interested to hear your thoughts on the Focals or the CDT speakers, or any other suggestions. My price point is around AU$1,000, or around USD$650.

By the way, I’ll be opening up the leather holes in the panels to try and reduce any muffling of the speakers.
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