Selling some great equipment. All prices are shipped in the CONUS.

Dynaudio E650 speakers. 6 1/2 " midbass speakers. These are top of the line midbass. These are lightly used. $600 shipped. Come with the original box.

Scanspeak 12M/463G00. Got these used, they are in excellent condition, come with the original box. $400.00 shipped

I have LOTS of other stuff, I am just going to start here.


If you need pics, just DM me you cell number, and I'll send them.

Some more stuff for sale:

Scanspeak Tweeters D2904/710002 new $400.00 shipped

Scanspeak Illuminator Tweeters 2004/6020-00, Including a set of the very nice (and expensive) mounting Pods made in Germany.

These tweeters come with the pods