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Hello all, have read plenty but this is my first post. Long story short, looking for a great set of components for the front of the Explorer.

Current Setup
Focal 165 V1 Mids running on PDX 4100 (only two channels 2x100)
Focal Tweets running on MTX Thunder type AB 2X45
Morel Ultimo SC 12 in Sealed Pre Fab 1 Cube - Middle of Cargo bay Facing Rear

Alpine 9887 Active..... 0 to 100 on the sub. 80 to 4k on mids. 4.5k and up on the tweets. 12db per on all. NOT using IMPRINT. Time delay hand entered after measuring. Distances calculated from sub as farthest speaker. Left a small hole between mids and tweets to mellow out a bump that seems to be in that region.

Conditioning of doors - Two layers outer skin, one layer inner skin, one layer on door panel, Ensolite on inner skin, 1 foot cube of ensolite behind speaker on outer skin. Raamatt BX.

Puchased the sub just a week ago and WOW...... what a difference.

The current speakers up front, IMO, just suck. Tweeters drill holes in your head and the Mids seem to beam like crazy when ever the volume is turned up.

To step up into some real speakers.
Items I am considering......
Morel Supremo 6 and Morel Piccolo
Scan Speak Revelator not sure what tweet to pair
Dont laugh.... Dayton RS180
Hybrid Audo Legatia 3 on the A Pillars with 6 in the door.

Real Goal...... to get a sound stage up in the vehicle that is smooth as butter. Like I am sitting in the house. True right left imaging. Would like to cross things over at 2K with amazing midrange.

Not really trying to rock, but would like to get some impact when it is turned up. I guess that would be midrange with some excursion. I may be able to go 8 in the door if any of you think that would be a good thing. Take some work.

Would like to get your recommendations on what might fit the explorer and blend with the truck. Does putting 2k and up ..... up higher on the dash guarantee your sound stage moves up. What about all the posts that say your tweets HAVE to be next to your mids or there are going to be phasing issues. What about the rule that if every 6 inches of seperation is 90 degrees and crossover point is important to phasing as well.

Just trying to come up with an intelligent buying decision. Any help is appreciated.

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