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I am currently saving up for my car project, so since I cannot work on it yet, I figured I should research and decide on what components I want to use and implement in my build. My car is a 1995 Honda Civic Coupe.

I currently running a Sony CDX C90 with a XDP 4000X processor as the heart of my stereo (I am only borrowing them from my brother though). I have a 10" JL W1v2 powered off of a Zapco z300 old school amp at ~150w @ 4ohms. My speaker setup is JL ZR100CT Tweets and Focal Access 165 Woofers, the woofers are located in the door and the tweets are just resting on the dash against the a-pillars. The tweets get power from a Kenwood KAC-5204, and the woofers are being ran off of a Kenwood KAC-7205. I currently have no rear fill.

I am thinking that I want to go upgrade my sub to a 12" IDMax and drop it into the spare wheel well (I inherited a box specifically for this sub that fits in the well perfectly).

The HU and speakers I currently have my eye on is the Pioneer DEX-P99RS and Dynaudio MKII components. I have also seen that many people have been installing horns and transducers in there setups, but I have almost no knowledge on them so maybe a few of you could help me see if that's the path I want to try.

As I said, I have no rear speakers at all, but I have debated if it would be worth my time and money to add some fill back there.

I am looking forward to hear from all of you, and hopefully you can help me learn about some new routes! Remember, my end goal is to have a super clean sound (and the IDMax will add the punch :) )
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