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SQ Sub route need some advice!!

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So im finally looking to get some sq subs and get rid of my ssa dcon, shes a beast but im in the trying mood. Im looking to do 2 10's i have some ideas but would like some input on what to do and what some good sq subs would be for this setup.
Right now i am looking at two different options;
2 Dayton Audio Ho 10's
2 OZ matrix elites 10's D2
2 IDQ's 10's
sonic sound lab transonic?? anyone heard about these subs or brand?

How are these options and what other routes should i think about, i am willing to put about $300 into the subs combined and im looking to do around 1200 [email protected] combined. I want to do get the best sq subs for around this price or maybe a little more.

HU: Alpine CDA 9887
Front: Boston Rally Series 5 1/4 comps
Rear: 3-way Memphis Power Reference 6x9
Stage Amp: PPI Art Series 404
Sub Amp for these subs: Lightning Audio SI 1000.1D
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ditch the rear speakers and buy something better than lightning audio

i would go dayton subs
i have focals that are sitting around for my new car, not really upgrading the speakers in this car. Its an old school lightning audio amp, not the new, does that make a difference?
that i dont know, but if u have it i guess u can use it lol
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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