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Hey guys, I have a 2005 Heritage Softail. I had an 08 Electra glide, but with my height and back issues it was to much bike for me. <insert jokes here>
I really liked the Electra glide and miss certain things about it. So I am planning to set my Heritage like the Ultra Classic. Road King hard bags, moderate sized tour pack, and a batwing fairing. I've already selected the batwing that I want to use, and it had a space for a single din head unit, and spaces for 4 5.25" speakers. The lower fairings I selected have spaces for 6.5" speakers, and I haven't quite selected the pods for the trunk. I want to put adapters for 6.5" speakers in the batwing and I'm considering also doing 6x9 speakers in the lids of the hard bags. I'm trying to stay under $2k for the project. Bags and trunk are $300, fairing is $350, lower fairings are $150. I haven't looked into the out of the trunk pods or the lids with the speakers yet. I'm not trying to win any audio competitions, I just want my sound to be as decent as you'd find in a new car and be able to hear it at highway speeds while wearing a helmet, and I don't want to play a lot of try this speaker and Amp and see if it works. I listen to everything from metal and country to pop rap and classic rock. What do you guys recommend?
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