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Well my jeeps system just started making a static type noise a week or 2 ago...i initially thought i blew my speakers but had my doubts because it did not get alot worse with volume... so being a little impulsive i went out and bought some hertz HCX 165s for my sound bar and to my surprise the noise was still there... So now im asking for help to pinpoint it before i go drop another 280 on speakers i dont need...

The noise kinda just started out of the blue, almost 10 months after the install, does not go with rpms or anything. Can be heard bluetooth streaming mp3s or just using FM radio The noise almost sounds like a radio station with slightly bad reception.

my system consisted of a pioneer DEH p9800BT HU, JL XD600/5 amp, JL 8 inch w3, Critical mass 5.25s up front and now the Hertz in the rear sound bar. All JL wiring

So if anyone has any Tips for me to diag this noise or if i just have to swap parts?
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