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We received a fairly positive response to our STCA cable so we wanted to offer you guys an awesome sale! For the next three days, STCA cable are at blowout prices! Lets finish October strong and have an awesome Halloween sales!

Just a quick reminder of STCA cable. Its not just conventional CCA cables thats usually 20-25% Copper and the rest Aluminum. STCA cable is 50% Copper and 50% Aluminum!


1/0 Price: Normally $94.95, NOW 69.95!
2/0 Price: Normally $114.95, NOW $79.95!

Showtime Electronics Car Pro DJ Retailer

Available is 1/0 0 AWG or 2/0 00 AWG Gauge Power/Ground Cable

30’ Roll – Convenient Roll for One or Two Runs through Vehicle

50/50 Blended Cable- 50% Copper, 50% Aluminum
STCA Premium Blended Cable utilizes a precise mixture of 50 percent aluminum strands, and 50 percent pure-copper strands. Other companies’ typical CCA Cable carries less than 25% copper! Pure copper remains the best conductor used in power wire. Aluminum offers weight savings, cost savings, and flexibility over copper. STCA blended cable utilizes the best of both metals, to your advantage. Current-carrying capacity is more than 15 percent higher than standard CCA cable.

Weight of cable is 15 percent lighter than OFC cable and pricing is meant to fit even the most budget-minded installs.

When electricity travels through a conductor, it tends to flow over the surface. STCA cable uses an extremely high strand count. More strands per wire means more surface area for current to flow over.
The high strand count, the use of 50 percent aluminum, and a flexible PVC jacket make the cable very flexible and easy to install in any application.
Available in Blue, Black, and Frosted Silver(White)
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