Ok, let me start by saying the prices are not flexible, especially the Stereo Integrity. They are out of stock and won’t be back in stock until sometime past march (we all know it will be much later just like last time due to supply chain disruptions). I’m not broke I don’t need the $ ….. so yes the prices are not dirt cheap, in fact the Stereo Integrity’s are full retail price but they are out of stock and I am a firm believer in capitalism, supply and demand, and I’ve got the only pair for sale right now (sorry not sorry)

If you don’t like my prices I apologise in advance, but I don’t need the money and I’m in no rush to sell. Inflation is continuously driving prices up and I have no problem holding onto the items for longer.

——New Pair of Stereo Integrity TM65Mkiv $430 - I’ve included shipping and PayPal fees (I’m trying to get $400 after I pay for shipping and PP fees which will probably be $30) Yes it’s more than I paid for them and no I won’t go lower on the price. At least I’m being honest about charging more because they are out of stock.
UPDATED TM65 to $400 shipped

——SOLD - New Pair of Morel MT-350 - $350 includes shipping and PP fees - (The MT250s are selling on eBay for $280 so I am confident I can get $400-$440 on eBay)

—-Scan Gold 6.5” - $740 (including PP fees and shipping) I really do not want to sell these and that’s why I’m only putting them for about $100 off retail, but i have several pairs so if someone is interested these are brand new. These are amazing drivers, me and my buddy both run these in our doors and they are phenomenal drivers. Like better than Dynaudio good!

All items are brand new but have been taken out of boxes for photos. None are used, None have ever been installed. All original packaging and accessories included, nothing missing. All items were sourced from known Dealers or the manufacturer, so I can say without doubt that they are not B stock or anything weird like that.
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