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stereo mic input to mono mic connector

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I have an issue with using the mic on a 2012 toyota RAV4 with aftermarket head unit. The head unit has a mono-input for the mic. The vehicle has a built-in overhead mic that I want to use with the head unit (if possible). The issue is the mic on the head unit is mono and the vehicle has stereo input (L/R).

My question is should I wire the L+R leads coming from the vehicle mic and wire both together to the mono mic audio input?

W. MacKenzie
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Inside the sheathing of the mono wire you'll probably find foil or maybe braiding wrapped around 1 or 2 wires. The foil or braid is the shielding and sometimes also is the negative, so if inside you only have 1 wire the shielding is the other. In a stereo wire will be 2 wires besides. You can connect those 2 from the source to give you mono output.
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