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My golf r32 comes with RCD500 and it sucks though I added in power subwoofer alpine one the first week I bought the car. Prior to r32, I had Subaru Legacy GT which cames with Mcintosh HU and 14 speakers. I am just addicted to good sound quality.

Having read the messages from different forum, I decide replacement of HU and front speakers and addition of an amp is a way to go.

In terms of look and feel I understand the 2-din hu is good to go, like alpine 505, however, more 2-din hu with good looking also comes with dvd which I do not want. What I want is just good sound quality. I did some research that Alpine 9887 is good. Any folks here have got 9887 and is that any good compared to Mcintosh? Also, I prefer more vocal, not heavy metal music. What speakers shall I put on?

Budget might be USD1K or 1.5K.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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