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Hi all I am new the the Forums. Good to be here and excited to hear what you guys have to say.
I am currently busy planning out my setup for my car. The whole system is stock at the moment. I have to admit the stock system in my car ain't that bad at all but I am looking for something that will make me Wow.

For the front setup I am looking at the following. I have my mind set on Hertz but I am open to any suggestions. Don't want to mess this up as I will be dropping some cash in this. I am from South Africa by the way which means I am limited to what I can get lol.

Hertz HSK 165 2 way system
JL Audio C2-600
Infinity Kappa 60.11cs

Which of these would you pick ? I am really picky when it comes to quality and the sound produced.

For the rear set I am looking at

Hertz HCX 165 Coaxial
Infinity Kappa 62.11 Coaxial

I have done a lot of research on Hertz and I have found that they are no joke regarding quality and sound produced. They seem to get really good praise. I had my mind set on Infinity kappa's at first but then I found the Hertz. The setup needs to have really clear neutral sound. I will be running one underseat sub at first just to see what it will sound like but I will be pre-wiring for a second underseat sub just in case I need more low end. I don't like boomy bass. All of this will be run from the stock head unit because it gives ma all the functionality I will need.

I am dropping a large portion of my budget in sound deadening as well. I am looking at using the Polk Audio PA D4000.4

Kind Regards
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