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Hello all, I am trying to do a decently loud setup on stock electrical. I originally wanted to do a soundqubed 2200D bought everyone said i would need atleast a Northstar AGM 34... So I shyed away from that Idea.

I heard from alot of people I should be fine on 1200rms with my stock alt.

So i went ahead and purchased a Soundqubed 1200D. and 2 Fu audio 12 subs..

I also have a Class A/B 4 channel PPI bk520.4, But if it comes down to it I might only run the front two channels.

So currently I have 8g ran to my 4channel in the back, I already feel like i may have messed up there, So i want to rerun 4g to it or I want to run 1/0 to the trunk and do a distrubtion block to each amp.

Alot of people tell me I cant run 4g over 17ft and still pull 1200 RMS...

So I Just wanted everyones opinions on what i needed to do. I may have to upgrade my under the hood battery but if I had known I would have had to do that I would have went with the soundqubed 1200D since every batt that I have found that can run 1k can also run 2k.

My stock eletrical is 110a alt and this battery

Valucraft/Battery 75-VL at - 2 reviews
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