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So a friend let me use his SMD DD-1 to determine where my stock head unit starts to clip. It's a 2022 WRX Premium and with a 40 hz tone at 29 the clipping indicator flashes ( at 28 it flashes once only ). With a 1khz tone it does not detect clipping even at full volume. Is this normal?
Yes this is normal in most modern cars. use 28 as your max volume.

Side note: I will be using LGD-20 from Audio Control so I wont get an error from my StarLink module for not detecting a speaker connected to it, should I re-test after the LGD?
No need for them. If you have a Helix V Eight Mk2, it has ADEP.3 built in. It is a smart circuit that detects OEM load requirements and applies the necessary load.
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