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well i wan to eventually go to a 3-way set up but as of now i want to upgrade my stock speakers after i get a sound amp...

ive read quite a bit but i get conflicting answers....

im buying cheaper compnet speakers by infinity...kenwood...or pioneer or w\e cheap good brands best buy has...

anyways i got to do this in steps so what should i do first?
tweeters (factory seperates so i can go compnet right away) door speakers or by rear 6 x 9s?

from what i understand i should go speaker tweeter 6x9?

finally when i upgrade my 6x9s....should i go component?...or just get the woofer (i mean do you honestly need tweeters in the rear.......)
if i do go component and need the tweeter where should i put it (since tweeter wont be inside the speaker)....the 6x9s are under a grill beneath my back windo(above seat) in my car
...o and ive heard somthing about speaker plates instead?
alot to go through..if u need clarification just ask ^.^
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