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Hey guys, I was going to try out a pair of Mpyre 6.5s in my setup, but while configuring for fronts only I ran into a REALLY strange issue.

As I switched all the rest of the speakers off in my setup (one of the big advantages of having a completely active setup), I found out the passenger front tweeter is *almost* blown. What I mean by that is that the output from it is almost non-existent, but it does have output. While the other side has 'normal' volume, the bad side has 1/20th the volume.

Now, I not only swapped leads on the amplifier to verify that there was nothing pre-tweeter that could be bad (and yes, the both amp channels work great), but I also took an ohm-meter to the wires going to the tweeters, and this is where it is wierd, but I got 3.1 ohm for BOTH front tweeters (both the good one and the bad one). How is that possible?

I figured if a tweeter went bad, it would have no output (burned out voicecoil), or if it was "compromised" it would show a way off ohm-reading. I guess what I am asking, is, what else could be the deal with the tweeter with low-output?

I'll be pulling that driver to make sure the magnet didn't become disconnected or anything, but still am perplexed by what is going on. It is a Seas Neo Aluminum (model H1397) for reference.

If I don't find anything by monday I guess I have no choice but to order a pair of replacements. It is just that uninstalling and re-installing it is a PITA the way it is in.

Bad thing is it is holding up my testing of the Mpyre 6.5s... Hard to tell how good a driver is without a tweeter to match it...
I`m having the same problem with my seas neo alums, I guest I`ll have to order one.
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