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Sub amp help please!!

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I need something to drive a DVC Solobaric 10". Right now it's at 8 Ohm but I could go 2 Ohm too.

I tried an old RF Punch 200DSM on it and it was okay but I am thinking of trying a mono class D.

I have zero experience with them so I'm hoping you guys can recommend a few. This is for a friend of mines kid and his grocery store budget is about $150! A crossover would be nice as would a remote for it, but not necesssary.

I've seen a couple of old JBL BP600.1 amps which seem to do well but thought I'd ask you guys for some help before I tell him what to get.

Thanks guys!
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I knew an installer that ran a BP 600.1 and he was very pleased with it. And it would run that sub at 2 ohms nicely.
Why not try the 200 at 2ohm... it should take it... that's a solid amp..
Why not try the 200 at 2ohm... it should take it... that's a solid amp..

Because it stopped working! I'm not sure what happened - it worked fine for a few months but now it gets very hot and within about 30 seconds pops the fuse (even with no driver connected). The sub is fine so I'm honestly not sure what the problem is - but figured I could buy a newer/more powerful amp for about what it would cost to fix the 200.
Check the harmon factory site on epay, I saw an infinity 300rms sub amp go for $40 shipped. Was a refurb but if you have a budget they are factory certified and *warrantied*. Had JBL amps on there too like this one.
JBL GTO7001 GTO 7001 700 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier - eBay (item 180338848121 end time Mar-21-09 18:32:38 PDT)
I like Kenwoods too for that price range, just looked like some deals on the harmon ones lately.
I don't know if you are looking for used or not,but a rf 500.1 or a kicker 750.1?
Just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that I picked up one of these little Kenwoods and I must say that I'm damn impressed. It is plenty for that single solo-baric 10". Thanks for the recommendation... I'm thinking of getting one for my car now! :)
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