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I have an older 15" D8 Tempest that is going to be used in my tC and i have 500rms on tap at 4ohms. I'm looking for the BEST possible SQ available from this sub, very low extension with the added ability to get Very loud if needed, this will be a f-glass box. I had thought about initally going ported, in the 4cf region tuned @ 22-23hz but thought about possibly trying to go a little smaller in box size. Thought about going with a Passive Radiator but would be more expensive than going ported or Sealed with the added PR. And have now thought about going sealed but i found that a QTS of .71 would be 4.5cf Sealed, F3 of 35hz, so that dosent seem like the lower end that i was wanting but i'm sure it would be plenty accurate enough.

Which design would be the best to use really.....LOW tuned small Ported 4cf or Sealed, for my design goals and the type of sound i am looking for. This is my biggest problem thus far. As i would like to only build once, as the box will be relatively expensive being f-glass.

Thanks to those that reply.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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