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Hi experts,

I'm thinking of converting a 35 litre cupboard in my Mazda Bongo camper van into a sub. Can anyone recommend suitable subwoofer/amp combinations for this purpose? My budget for both would be about £200 - £250 (roughly $300 to $400).

I was looking at the Kicker L3 10", but read somewhere that Kicker is all about SPL these days, and I'm after SQ, being a discerning sound engineer/musician! However, I do like my bass loud too. As for the amp, I thought a class D would be good, as it's more efficient and wouldn't draw so much current - something like a JVC KS-AX3101D. What kind of Wattage is required for the sub to match four typical 6x9" speakers driven with 50W each?

I want to be able to hear 30-40Hz sub-bass, without too much muddy boomy mid bass.

Thanks for any advice.
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