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Hi All,

Wandered over here from a link I found on ECA, some great info and plenty of reading while I waste time at work.

Anyway, I'm going to be doing a cheap install in the girlfriend's car (mostly so I can stand to sit in it).

I want to do a subless setup because 1) she doesnt like or need any real bass and 2) she doesnt want to lose any trunk space. Plus I'm lazy and cheap.

I have a set of DLS Reference 2way passive crossovers, I'm not quite sure where the xover point is but I'm pretty sure its around 3k. Everything will be run off an old school Pioneer GM-X922 [email protected]

What I'd like for suggestions is some mids and tweeters to look at that would work well in a 2way together. The car is a 94 Concorde with stock speaker locations for a 5 1/4". I'm sure I can fit some 6.5", not sure if I could fit a 7 or 8 or not.

I'd like to find something that is very forgiving of mediocre recordings, she only listens to MP3 CD's so they arent the best of quality recordings. (Most are pretty decent 192kb rips we've done ourselves though). Something that sounds good at low-medium volumes would be nice too. Don't need anything that screams and is ultra accurate.

Then obviously I'd like to get as much decent midbass as I can. I've considered trying some Dayton Ref 6's and the Dayton tweets. However I'm not sure of mixing 4ohm and 8ohm speakers on a passive xover.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Sorry for the long post!
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