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Sub output questions???

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I built a center console sub box for my suburban. It has about 2.25 cubic feet. Sub and ports firing to rear seat. I installed a memphis bass reference 12 which is rated at 400 watts rms. I was giving it 500 watts rms. It sounded incredible, output was plenty in heavy bass music. Not quite enough in some of the less bassy rock music I listen to mostly. Since then I have picked up 2 powerbass 2xl 15" subs and a 1800 watt monoblock. The 2 15's is more then adequate bass. Almost painfully loud with bassy music. Plenty of bass with most any music. Obviously 2-15's takes up a lot of room. What kind of output could I expect with 1-12 that will handle the 1800 watts? Or even 2 10's with 900 watts each? I could easily make my console box hold 2-10's one rear fire and one downfire. I could do 2-10's downfire but that will require a complete rebuild. 2.25 cubic feet max. I'm torn between the big box and subs/ or something to regain my cabin space. I've never run any of the high power subs.
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Ok I'll look into winisd some more. Played around a little with it before. From my understanding if my box would have been downfire rather then rear fire so the sub had something to load off of (the floor) it would have improved the output. That may be all it needed to give me the output I was looking for. It was close, just not quite enough in rear fire. Down firing 2 10's would be easy, down firing a 12 will be more of a challenge with my width restrictions but could probably find a way. 2-10's is a bit of a challenge for airspace. (If porting)
i may be able to trade the 15's for a 12" ssa xcon. so trying to decide if the output will make me happy
What sort of box are the 15's in now, and where are they in the truck?

Right now they are in 5 cubic foot sealed box in the rear of suburban. It's my experimental box. It was ported with 1 sub initially. Then I sealed over the ports and cut a second sub hole to try it sealed. Just figuring out which final box I wanted to build
If I build a box for the back I will stick with the 15's. Only would downsize if I could do a console so im not using up any usable space. I liked having no box in back. But wanted more output then I had on my last configuration.
Ya the xcon box specs are 1.75-2.25 ported
2.5-2.75 being optimum. so i will be a little under the optimum specs. will be rebuilding the console box if i do it. might be able too squeeze out the 2.5 with some planning. i think i preferred the Memphis 12's overall sound. just wanted it to get a little louder when i wanted to really push it. 1-12 is more then enough for normal listening. But sometimes i like it insane.
Haha Im in the same boat. Came from 2 15's, wanted to downsize when I got my yukon and did 1 10 down fire on 600rms. I want more but I only have about 2 cu. ft. gross, so Im saying the heck with it and back to the cargo area with 1 SI 18.

If you want to spend some money, I would try out this sub if you want to get loud from a single sub in small spaces.
1.5 ported net. 1800w rms lol
Ya we talked about it on a previous post. I scrapped the console and went bigger. Was looking at the si 18 also. I just got the 15's for a good deal and gave them a shot. I'm also thinking of a downfire false floor for the 15's in the back. Won't give up any floor space. Just height. I just keep looking at my console box sitting in my house looking unused and lonely. Lol
That dss sub looks nice. Could be fun to play with
I think I'm going to have to forgo the console. As nice as it would be to save the space I'll be pushing 1 12 hard to try to get it loud enough. With 2-15's it will be plenty loud when needed. Can always turn it down when I don't need it crazy loud. Now just to figure out how I want to do my box

Downfire subs (false floor) ports out the rear or sides.
Subs facing rearward with ports out rear or sides

either way i want to be able to fold the seats down and slide materials over it
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