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Sub output questions???

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I built a center console sub box for my suburban. It has about 2.25 cubic feet. Sub and ports firing to rear seat. I installed a memphis bass reference 12 which is rated at 400 watts rms. I was giving it 500 watts rms. It sounded incredible, output was plenty in heavy bass music. Not quite enough in some of the less bassy rock music I listen to mostly. Since then I have picked up 2 powerbass 2xl 15" subs and a 1800 watt monoblock. The 2 15's is more then adequate bass. Almost painfully loud with bassy music. Plenty of bass with most any music. Obviously 2-15's takes up a lot of room. What kind of output could I expect with 1-12 that will handle the 1800 watts? Or even 2 10's with 900 watts each? I could easily make my console box hold 2-10's one rear fire and one downfire. I could do 2-10's downfire but that will require a complete rebuild. 2.25 cubic feet max. I'm torn between the big box and subs/ or something to regain my cabin space. I've never run any of the high power subs.
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What sort of box are the 15's in now, and where are they in the truck?
What you could try is a sub rear-firing, port to the passenger side (about 6" from the side), placed directly behind the rear row of seats (so butted up against the seats). Will still leave a good amount of space between the box and the tailgate. I haven't personally tried it, but a couple people I've talked to tried it with good results.

Could even try that with that single 12, or a single 15.
Well you would have more output with an XCON versus what you had. Will it be adequate for your taste versus the 15's? That's something you have to find out.

12" XCON will probably work in ~2.5 net well, with an aero port to save space.
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