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Sub selection - Zuki? Fi? Diyma? SSA? S.I.?

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OK, I don't mean to beat the old dead horse here. I know this thread has probably been created a bunch of times, I've read most of them.

The application - corner loaded enclosures, 7" depth, 7" magnet diameter, 11" cutout, 12.5" O.D MAX

Amp - Hopefully I only need10 total watts from a zuki eleets (I could use my DLS A6 or a zuki small mono eventually)

Goals - I want accurate bass reproduction that will integrate well with my Midbasses. I do like it loud sometimes. I currently have 2 eD 13Ov.2's. I'm probably going to get 2 subs, but if there is 1 sub that do the job better than 2 of the others I'd consider it...

If there is a sub that would only fit mounted inverted, I'd consider only if it'd be that much better than the others...

Current Contenders, all should fit, and all have a voice coil config that will work for me:

Zuki 12" subs

Diyma R12

Fi Q 12"

Stereo Integrity Mag V4 12"



I'm also open to other suggestions.. Let me know your opinions on these!

(Tspence need not reply)
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Yes, a DIYMA mounted ass out is a thing of beauty. :D

That being said, I have personally run both the DIYMA and the Mag off the back half of an ELEETS 4 channel. That amp can drive either one of those subs beautifully. What are your plans for 2 subs though? Were you expecting to run both of them off the back half of your ELEETS or are you going to use the DLS A6? I do know that both subs do just fine off of 300 watts each. IMHO, if you want to do a standard mount go with the Mag. If you want to invert mount your subs then use the DIYMA. Either way you'll have great sounding subs in your car. And while I can't speak for dual Mags in a car (though I'd be scared to think of how much output that would be) I can say that dual DIYMA's in a car can get silly loud.

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I can tell you that the DIYMA has a MASSIVE motor on it. Yes the sub is only like 6.5"-7" deep IIRC, but that magnet is just over 9" in diameter. It's HUGE!! If you need a "small" framed sub that sounds just as good as the DIYMA then look at the Mag. Have I steered you wrong yet? LOL!!
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