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This is my girl's '99 Subaru Legacy B4. It's got the factory McIntosh 7 speaker setup which sounds good, but it's lacking some down low thump.

I'm using a Pioneer TS-W255DVC that I've has sitting around for sometime and a Lightning Audio Strike S5.700 5 channel amp that I picked up cheap.
The amp will just power the sub for now but I'll be upgrading the front and rear stage as soon as funds allow.
The box is going to be a single-reflex bandpass box. I'm just working of the spec sheet guide of .6 cu/ft per chamber with a 6" long port, 3" in dia.

Anyway, onto the good stuff..

Marking the base for the enclosure using the false floor

I taped of the area I didn't want to get glass on and made some relief cuts and hole for the resin to bond to.

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