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I'm building a sealed subwoofer console to fit between my two front seats that will house 2 down-firing a/d/s RS10's.

The subs require .5-.75 cu ft each, and my box will be rectangular (around 12x24x7 or 8) filling all the space between the carpeted seat pedestals. By this I mean the fit will be so tight that there will be NO airspace along the sides of the box (the 24" dimension) for the woofers to communicate with the airspace of the interior.

My question is this: How far off the floor should I stand the box for optimum bass performance? Since my bass will only be coming from the bottom front & rear of the box through slots 12" wide, I don't want to create a "port" effect that might accentuate unanted frequencies.

I know this is hard to understand, I wish I knew how to draw a diagram on a computer. Thanks!
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