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Subwoofer help F150

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Hello, I have a 2013 f150 super crew. Currently I am running 4 Hertz Mille Pro 6.5" drivers in the front doors, a set of Hertz Mille Pro tweeters in the A pillar, 8" Hertz midbass driver along with a 5.25 midrange in the real doors. I am running 2 mids and high amps in an active configuration with a Rockford fosgate DSP and aftermarket head unit.

The system sounds really good except the subs. I am running a kicker 2400.1 on two 10" Kicker L7s's in a sealed custom front firing enclosure with rear seat lift. I have 1.2cf per sub of air space available and a 6.75 mounting depth. Of course with this set up I have to run the amp conservatively to keep the subs in tact. The subs do not sound very well. They still bottom out easily, are not that musical and just cannot keep up with the rest of the system at higher volumes. I was thinking possibly DC 10" level 4's as they handle 1500 watts each and only require .75 of sealed space but am looking for any other options.

This will be my third configuration on subs. I original had downfiring sealed enclosure that did produce a lot of bass but even with sound deadening with it pounding directly into the floor, it rattled my console so much and everything inside it. it sounded terrible so I opted for front firing. I am trying to find the right dual 10" Sub/enclosure combination that can handle the 2500 watts I am feeding them and still be musical. I have a good custom box builder. Any thoughts?
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Based on the volume you identified - I'd be looking at a pair of GB12s but you have more power than they would ever need - probs would be best to wire them at 4 ohms with your current amp.

Morel Ultimo 12Ti and Illusion C12XLs are going to be very musical but want more air than you have. Raven 12XLs are in this boat too but seem to model a bit better with less air than the 12XL or the Ultimos.

Also not sure if you are trying to stay front firing or down/up firing as that obviously limits subwoofer diameter.
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