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Hi all. Just looking for ideas on replacement(s) for what I currently have.

At the moment, I am running a single Oz Power Matrix 12. Love it. Have been looking for a mate for MONTHS now. Thinking I won't find one.

This is NOT the Matrix Elite. The Power Matrix are pretty rare.

Anyway, if I can't find one soon, I'll have to go in another direction.

Already had my fair share of w7's, not looking to go there again.

I miss my old IDMaxes. Tempted to pick up another pair of 12's.
But i've had plenty of them and while I would be satisfied, it wouldn't be something new.

So i'm thinking maybe a pair of Wgti 12's, or even a single 15 Wgti. Never had a chance to use one, and it would to a great opportunity to try them out.

Any other suggestions on a dual 12 or single 15 setup?
I already have a single 15 2.5 cu ft (after displacement) enclosure vented at 28hz. I'd love to be able to use it again.
Small for a 15, I know, but there are subs out there that can utilize a box of this size. (and yes, I know a wgti 15 is not one of them)

Thanks for the input guys.
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