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I am currently in the process of updating my entire sound system in my 2014 Ram Crew cab. I have read too many threads to count on this subject, and I would like to get a fresh opinion. I understand that most do not use rear fill, but I like the sound. I have narrowed my search down to three Dayton audio speakers listed below and would like to hear opinions. I found many posts on the RS180, but not much on the others. Good mid bass with some midrange is good for my needs. It does not have to be killer midbass, just good SQ. All other suggestions are welcomed as well.

My amp puts out 125 watts @4ohms so I’m guessing 60-75 watts @8ohm

Dayton Audio RS180P-8 7

Dayton Audio DCS165-4 6-1/2

Dayton Audio DS175-8 6-1/2

Current system build

Front stage: Hertz HSK 165
4 Channel: Pioneer GM-D8604 125x4
Subs: 2 IDQ12 V4 powered by RF T1500bdcp


PS. I did not have enough posts to provide links for the speakers :bigcry:
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