What's going on folks, I'm off loading 2 of the amps in my possession, a barely used Sundown Salt 4K and an equally barely used Stereo Integrity 200.2. I'm basically trying to fund the purchase of a Mosconi Zero.1 if I can swing it, or if nothing else knock some of the steam off of the purchase price of a barely used one. My loss is your gain.

Both of these amplifiers were kept in a child, pet and smoke free home and only used in the first iteration of my system for about 2 months before I had to pull everything and start my trunk from scratch. I'm letting the Sundown go because I simply don't have a need for this amount of power in my upcoming trunk rebuild.

I'm letting the Sundown go for $925 and it comes with the original box, bass knob and owner's manual. You'll see in the photos that it's a 9.5/10 cosmetically and mechanically works perfectly. I'll even toss in 1/0 input adapters for a cleaner install. It was wired properly and never got close to warm or clipping.

You can find the videos online of dyno numbers but I know for a fact that it puts out over 5k on 1 ohm at 14.4 and because of the low voltage technology it still doesn't run out of steam.

The Stereo Integrity amp will come shipped with the mounting feet still attached and the plastic still on the glass as well as with the handsome wooden box in pristine condition....we all know about these amps so I won't bore you. I used them to power my SI carbon mids (over complicated system lol) and it did a fantastic job, my intent was to use this amp for my upcoming IB build but I need sub remote control and it doesn't allow for that so, begrudgingly, I am letting it go. I'm only asking $510 for this. Cosmetically 9/10 Mechanically 10/10.

I take purchasing and shipping seriously as I am someone that shops for deals just like everyone else does on here. I use UPS and typically will ship 2 day air any time that I sell something. It will be packed safely and tightly. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees or we can do F&F

Message me if you'd like more pictures. I just wanted to make sure you had the pics with my name visible.

Lower 48 US & Canada if the shipping isn't ridiculous.

Stereo Integrity 200.2 $510 (I'll cover shipping for this one)
Sundown Salt 4K $925 (Pay a flat 40 dollar shipping fee and I'll cover the difference if there is one)