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Originally I was going with a different sub but plans changed... So I've now purchased a Sundown X-8

I found that the X-8 will like a .5 cubes box tuned to around 32Hz........ The issue is I have no idea how to design this box.... I want it to be wide and shallow to take up minimal room in my trunk, but I'm having serious trouble. I think what I have may be a step in the right direction, but I would appreciate advice on this as I don't think I could make the sub fit... I'm really not sure what I should modify.

I only have WinISD so it's difficult to actually try and map out a box design that will work, while including the tuning and everything I'd like.

~75" of 1.75" x 8.5" Port.

W34" x H10" x D10"

Volume = ~.5 ft3

I'm after a fairly flat response curve that can hit the notes I listen to with authority (down to around ~30Hz is usually the lowest)... I want it to be musical yet get loud when pushed. I'm not exactly experienced with designing enclosures like these, I'm really hoping you guys can help me on this.

Advice is much appreciated. Cheers :)
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