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06 camry LE, 2019 duration, 2020 f150
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Just thought I'd share.
I've had my synergy 3.1 hooked up to my skar vxf 12 wired at 1 ohm and got 2,800 watts @ 2.3 ohms with box rise on the AMM-1 which is decent for a 3.1k rated amp but today I took the single vxf out and replaced it with 2 of skars evl 12" each wired at 1 ohm. Low and behold the "3k" amp is pushing over 5k at just over 2 ohms! To each of the two evl's? That just bannanas and even though I am fairly certain it's no **** it is hard to believe that at over 2 ohm the amp is pushing over 5k... If it were at 1 ohm or lower I wouldn't be as impressed but No bs, no games life's too short for that dumb shniz n I'm too old. It's not some crazy $2,000 custom design far as I know just a well built Korean amp for under a grand.
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