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System advice for a 2012 4Runner

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Hello all, new guy here that could use some advice. I am planning on putting a very basic system in my 4runner. I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago and the stock system is terrible. I do have past experience ranging from competing in SPL competitions, SQ+, and working at a shop for a while. Unfortunately this was close to 20 years ago and things have really changed since then.

I am on a budget since most of my toy money goes to my other hobby, riding and racing sport bikes. I hope to spend less than $600 and I intend to place my order with Sonic tomorrow.

Here is a list of my planned purchases.

AudioControl LC2i line output converter
MB Quart RA1000.4 amp
Alpine SPR-60C 6 1/2" Type R components
Alpine SWR-12D2 12" Type R sub (single sub)

Please let me know if you see a problem and can suggest a comparably priced replacement.
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I have a question before a commit to an answer.

I see you want to keep the stock head unit;
So you are adding.......... a 2-ch line output converter, a 4-ch amp and a single sub.
Correct. Two channels of the amp to the component set and the other two channels bridged to the sub. Also, if I understand correctly the converter has two full range outputs and two sub outputs.
I don't know enough about the amps on this page to recommend one but they are all under $300 and have speaker level inputs and are dedicated Sub woofer amps Class-D Amplifiers with Speaker Level Inputs at Sonic Electronix
Unfortunately I would still have to purchase an amp for my fronts so that would put me well over budget.
I've just spent the last hour looking at specs and id that MB Quart RA1000.4 does what it says it can, than I think you have outlined just about the best $600 system possible. I'm just skeptical about MD quart's quality I tried almost the exact same setup in a buddys car a few years ago using a factory headunit, Audiocontrol Line level converter, 250watt X4 MB Quart amp (I forget the model but it was there 1st attempt after the Maxsonics buy out) and components up front and a JL 12w6 in the hatch. It just under performed across the board, and within a few days the Amp was replaced and a week later a headunit went in.
Thank you. From the research I have done MB Quart made some pretty big improvements in 2013. Still not the MB Quart of the old days but supposed to be pretty decent. It's funny, in my mind MB Quart speakers are still among the best. It's sad that isn't the case.
Take a look at this Rockford Fosgate R600X5 600W 5-Chan Class AB D Prime Amplifier

is costs $100 more than the MBQuart but has speaker level inputs. on paper the 1000.4 would give the type R more power, I just trust Rockford better in this situation. and I use Hifonics in lots of customer's cars (Very good $$$$ -to- Watt ratio and owned by the same company as MB Quart)
How about the PPI BA2600.1D (900x1 @ 2 ohm) for the sub?

For the Components I could do either a PPI BA800.2 (130x2) or a PPI BK340.2 (110x2). The BA800.2 would "match" the sub amp but I am more interested in which would sound better. The amps will be mounted under the front seats so appearance isn't a big deal.

This goes a little above my budget but if it would be much better I can swing it.

*edit, I think I am going to stick with the MBQuart amp. I'm going with the KISS theory, Keep It Simple Stupid. :D
So if you were to pick between the Alpine SWR-12D2 and the RE Audio SEX12D2 which would you go with? Both in a 1 cubic foot sealed box getting 500 watts RMS?
Placed my order earlier today. I went with the RE Audio SEX V2 12" sub with a ported enclosure.
Out of curiosity, anyone know how hard it is going to be to run speaker wires into the front doors?

Also, any wild guesses about how many db the sub will hit in a ported enclosure? I've been out of the loop for so long I have no idea. Would love to get in the 140 range but I don't know if that is expecting too much or not.

I was assured by Sonic that my order would be shipped on Monday and I would receive it on Friday so I could install it this weekend. When I called back later I was told that it was delayed due to their being so many items. It's not the end of the world but aggravates me when a company doesn't do what they say they are going to do.
Toyota doors aren't bad.

I don't think you'll have enough power to get to 140db maybe the older audiocontrol Mic but not with a Termlab spl sensor. And not with a off the shelf enclosure.
Thanks. I figured that I was asking a little too much for a 140 but nothing wrong with some wishful thinking. In my defense I don't know what 140 is like on the newer sensors. I only had experience with the older ones.
Is it a good sign or a bad sign that I'm already looking for upgrades? I haven't even received anything yet.
I just want to update this thread and say that I am very happy with the way my budget system performs. I did add an EQ to get some adjustments since the factory head unit is limited on tuning options. I am really looking forward to building a new enclosure later on and I certainly need to add some sound deadener to the doors and tailgate.

Anyway, for $600 (plus the EQL) I really don't think I could have done any better.

The best part, the bike still fits. :D

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