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2005 mustang, v6
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So, here goes, front to back pieces:
Jvc [something ] 350bt
Audiocontrol dqdx (6ch)
Soundstream rn4.1400d (4ch)
db drive 6.5" pro 6k component set
Kicker ks693 (6x9's)
Nemesis na-3km
Nemesis na-12f

So, correct me if i'm crazy,
Wire the dqdx after the headunit to run rca to the soundstream. From the soundstream i'll have the components up front (woofers in the front doors and tweeters inside the outer air vents to maintain the "stealth" look) wired parallel with a bassblocker for the tweeter...advice?
The kickers in the rear deck will get the other 2 channels from the soundstream.
For the nemesis amp i was told to run a 2nd battery (stinger spp1700) with an isolator.
The sub is going in a custom box with dual 1 3/4" ports.

The amp board is going to be the rear wall of my trunk and made from 3/4" laminate, framed and braced to hold the amps between the wall and my x-brace with the battery in the bottom of the X.
Ofc 100% copper all around, 0ga power/ground and 10ga speaker wire.

What am i missing, doing wrong and are post terminals stupid to use as junction points in a trunk?
I already have the headunit, speakers, soundstream amp and speaker wire. Had to mod the car a bit to balance the addictions.
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Edit: ^this is going to be covered by a fiberboard "seat" which is why i was planning to use the laminate plywood to "contain" the sub in the trunk.
Also, now that i am awake and not fresh out of work: for the rest of the trunk i was thinking
1/2"ply for the floor because it will still be a trunk
1/8" birch laminate walls with 1x1 studs approx 20" apart
1/2" ply under the rear deck speakers ported and tubed out of the rear dash
The trunk opening i was going to replace the trim pieces and use deadening material
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