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Budget system for a disabled friend, Hardtop Wrangler

Ok, he has a hardtop 86 Wrangler. He also already has a headunit.

He is disabled and cuts my hair he has very little money so I am going to put something together and trade it for free haircuts until I break even.

I am thinking the MCM 55-2421 unless there is another cheap sub I don't know about for $30 that is better.(he also doesn't want anything larger than 1cuft)

Any suggestions on the cheapest reliable amp 3-channel or 4-channel bridgeable with built in crossover? Thinking 50x2 upfront and 100ish for sub.

Was thinking of doing the overnight sensation drivers up front in a PVC pipe box attached to the roll bar up front, unless anyone knows of a decent sounding cheap coax. Or I may go with the Aura 6" buyout mids and $5 Dayton tweeters.

Any ideas cheap wonder drivers/amps I don't know about
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