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Hey guys. I am currently in the process of saving up money and slowly purchasing things for a project. I am looking to run 2 or 3 MA QC15s. I have to talk to a local shop to see if I can fit either 3 of them in my car. And If not. THen I will go with 2.

I just want to make sure I do everything right.

1st thing is 1st. I have 2 batteries. An XS Power D3400 and a Yellow top D31 run in parallel.

I upgraded the wire from the alternator to the battery to 4 gauge.

I have 1/0 Stinger HPM premium hyper twist wire run. My concern is. Is it the highest wattage/amp handling gauge out there?

Because I am in the process of planning everything out. Right now I have been contacting companies for an alternator. Mechman has a 270A, Iraggi has a 260A, and Michael Singer is going to see if he can match them or build me something bigger.

I just want to make sure I do everything right. The wire says it can handle 3400 watts. So. WIll that be a problem?

Next. I currently have a 250A fuse. Now. I know I need to get a bigger one. But what size should I get? 300A?

The amplifier I have is a US Amp AX3000DE which I need to send in for repairs. Like I said. It is a slow moving project.

My only other question is. Does anyone know how I can run 2 alternators? My AC in the car doesn't work. I live in WI anyways so I don't need it. And this is my winter car. But if I have a company build me a bracket for an alternator that goes where the pump was. How would I go about this?

The other idea was to leave my current 90A for powering the car, and have the 2nd alt dedicated to the stereo. But how would I do that also?
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