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System Rehab - Avionixx vs Old School Kicker

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I have had these Kicker amps laying around for a few years and I just wonder if I would be better off with them then the current set of Avionixx amps that I have installed.

The Kicker amps are a pair of old school amps. A ZX460 and a DX350. The Avionixx amps were an Elemental Design "boner" and I got them fairly cheap when I bought my E10O sub from them.

Right now I have the Avionixx 600.4 on a set of CDT CL-61a's and because I have REALLY REALLY bad back I have a set of Kenwood Excelon 6.5 coax's in the rear. I really wonder about the switch over would go. The Avionixx 600.4 is rated 100x4 and the Kicker ZX460 is something like 40X4. I am sure the Avionixx is overrated and the Kicker underrated.

As for the sub, the Elemental Designs E10O, it looks like a wash. The Avionixx 400.2 does 400 watts and so does the Kicker DX350.

Anyone have experience with these older, beastly Kickers? How about the Axionixx? They sound pretty good but this budget system I did in my Explorer nearly 5 years ago needs new life.

Why I put this stuff in my car and the wife's Jetta got the Alpine, Arc and Rainbow gear really makes me think about my sanity.

Anyone got a Kicker Sink Link? I am looking for opinions because my back and neck are so bad I have to make sure its a good plan before I go messing around.

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Avionixx is an OEM build house, or at least they used to be. I know they built for them selves for a short time, also eD and Tsunami. The Avionixx are good amps, I owned a Tsunami 1100D years back, also purchased from eD, I loved it powered a 15A back then.

Honestly, both the Kicker and Avionixx are good amps, but the only way you're going to figure out what to use is to do a test. Try them both out for a week with familiar songs, and see which you prefer more.
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