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TC OEM 10 trouble

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TC oem10 making noise??? Sub was properly mounted in .6 sealed(factory spec) with 750 watts. Makes a hard vibration sounds at high excursion. thought this speaker could take my minimal abuse, maybe somebody else has had this problem too,or I am just sol.
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thanks I'll check that out,this sub is too cool to see go to waste
I appreciate that info, hopefully I can get this sub going 100% again.That is exactly the noise it makes. I've checked the surround, and other than a few maybe suspect areas around the mounting holes, I,m not really seeing anything else. I'll check it out.. Thanks
It very well could happen to such a serious moving sub. Anything is possible when small enclosures,decent power and beyond normal Xmax is involved. Thanks for the info.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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