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TC OEM 10 trouble

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TC oem10 making noise??? Sub was properly mounted in .6 sealed(factory spec) with 750 watts. Makes a hard vibration sounds at high excursion. thought this speaker could take my minimal abuse, maybe somebody else has had this problem too,or I am just sol.
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I also noticed on one of mine there was excess clear resin on the backside of the cone near the surround edge and at near maximum excursion it was making contact with the spider, making a sort of clicking or tapping sound. Once I removed it the sound was gone. Another thing to check is to look on the underside of the surround, the entire perimeter, for glue drips that have hardened. That will also make a clicking type of sound. Be careful when removing it as you could tear the surround. The limiting factor for this driver seems to be the backside of the cone contacting the spider at max excursion.
Tinsel lead slap ;)

put cotton pads on backside of cone
Woven into the spider. ;)

No need for cotton.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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