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The best and the worst - speaker locations

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I had the pleasure of seeing a 1987 Dodge Caravan yesterday in the flesh. It had 5.25 speakers in the dash and conversely 6x9's that were housed in the rear hatch. I was getting pretty excited about the fronts.

Can anyone think of another vehicle that used 5.25 or bigger as stock dash locations?
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I can't say as I have ever installed one! ^
I guess the Voyager and Caravan must be the same thing. The next cool thing about this van is the Chrysler Turbo under the hood. It needs some good loving.

So far we have an old 35xx series 4 channel that fits right under the driver seat, it'll have to be turbo fastened as it might experience a bit of forward motion.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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