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The end of Alphadamp - Moving on with life.

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Many of you know that I sold my first company Second Skin 4 years ago and moved on to a different industry.
When the new owners of SecondSkin bought the company I was left with a **** ton of aluminum foil and with the help of those same owners, created a limited run of AlphaDamp.
Well, Alphadamp is all sold out and I am finally able to dedicate more time to my current business Customize Your Organic and Gluten Free Oatmeal

Owning a sound deadening company was very rewarding and fun, but like any business it did have its pitfalls; bad vendors, needy customers, and theives disguised as website developers.
All things you have to deal with when owning a business.

The new company I started (2 years ago) is much more rewarding for me, as it falls perfectly in line with my passion for health and fitness, as well as business consulting.
Very exciting stuff.

So, as of now, AlphaDamp is no longer on the market.
Thanks for your attention and for you help in every project I do!

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